Welcome to Build With Jerry

Welcome to Build With Jerry

Jerry Hodges Image

Will I thought 2020 was crazy!
2021 has been worse for the lumber market so far.  Lumber prices continue to increase…  some prices have tripled or more.
I expect prices to level out and, and at some time we will know the new normal.  However I am sure the new normal will not look anything like the old normal.
I am doing what I can to keep the prices posted on my website up to date.  Please understand, all prices listed on this website are subject to change if the lumber market decided to change over night.
Please Call for the most current price.

Please Note:  If you have questions, please call Jerry @ (325) 642-5102, or email buildwithjerry@gmail.com  Questions in the comment area below each page may not be seen on a timely basis...

Build With Jerry is a full service General Contractor.

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My name is Jerry Hodges and I have been in the construction business  for over 30 years.

Portable buildings, decks, and small homes / cabins , (also known as tiny homes), make up the majority of my business, but I can handle any project you might desire.

We build almost anything, including add-ons and remodel within 50-75 miles of Brownwood, Texas.
We offer Portable Buildings, built on site up to 150 miles from Brownwood.

Many of the most common questions we receive are addressed here—–> FAQ

Scroll Down to find out more about our business and the things we build, or look to the right and click on a category, to see post related to that category.

We look forward to working with you on your project…

Call us today at   325-642-5102.






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Small Home near Comanche, Texas

small home near Comanche,Texas

Small Home Near Comanche, Texas

Here we have a small home that we recently built near Comanche, Texas.

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Garage Near Abilene Texas

Recent Garage Near Abilene Texas

garage near abilene texas image

We recently built this nice garage near Abilene, Texas.  With a rock exterior it was a nice addition to the home. We worked with some of the best residential garage door professionals in the area in order to have this final result. You can visit http://www.actiongaragedoor.net/residential-garage-doors/ and get all the details.

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Decks, Covers, Carport – Abilene Texas Area

Decks, Covers, Carport in the Abilene, Texas Area…

Decks, Covers, Carport- Abilene Texas Area

We recently built a large project consisting of decks, covers, and carports in the Abilene, Texas area….

This project was just East of Abilene, Texas in a small town called Cisco…

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Lofted Barn Austin Texas

Building A Lofted Barn in Austin Texas.

We build many lofted barns as well as other style portable
storage sheds in the Austin Texas area…
Many are simply our standard design while others are a bit
more custom..

Since we are a small family owned business who provide construction jobs to folks in the area and build all our buildings on site, adding a custom touch to your building
is no problem.

Lofted Barn Austin Texas

Here we started with our standard 10×20 lofted barn.

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Custom Portable Shed near Abilene Texas

Portable Shed near Abilene Texas

We recently built this lofted barn with an attached cover on both sides near Abilene Texas.

Note the beautiful Texas sunset in the background…

Custom Portable Shed

We started out with our standard 12×20 lofted barn and attached a 10×20 cover to each side.  This produced a great amount of storage inside the building as well as a nice place for ATV’s, boats, trailers, etc under the covered areas.

We can easily customize any of our building to meet your needs.

Looking for a Portable Shed near Abilene Texas?

If you are looking for a portable shed almost anywhere in the Central Texas
area, from Abilene to Austin, simply give us a call…

We build everything on site and generally get the job done in just a couple of days…

Call Jerry today to order, or get answers to any questions you might have…

(325) 642-5102

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Tiny House Cabin Temple Texas Area

Recent Tiny House Cabin in the Temple Texas Area

We recently built this two story barn style tiny house
cabin about 30 miles outside Temple Texas.

Tiny House Cabin Temple Texas

It included a concrete pier foundation and custom windows and doors which
the customer provided.

Tiny House Cabin Temple Texas Area

The large dormer and custom windows gave this tiny house barn style cabin a
very unique look.

The property is very wooded creating a perfect weekend get away for this family
to enjoy for many years…

We build almost anywhere in the Central Texas area.

Click Here for tiny house cabin prices

This tiny house cabin in the Temple Texas area is just one example of the
many projects we provide.

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Tiny House in Austin Texas

Recent Tiny House Cabin in Austin Texas

Tiny homes is what everyone seems to be talking
about now days.  Everyone has seen at least one
tiny house show on TV.

Remember that song “I was country,when country was not cool”
Thats kinda how I feel about tiny homes… I was
building tiny homes when tiny homes were called
cabins… LOL

Tiny House in Austin Texas image

Pictured is a 20 x 14 gable style cabin with a 20 x 6 covered
porch and optional metal roof.  You can find metal roof material at a stainless steel distributor. This was recently built
in the Austin, Texas area. Rest assured that we can have ac installation services for you as well for those hot summer days.

When you decide you are ready for a Tiny House in Austin, Texas
or almost anywhere else in Central Texas give us a call
at 325-642-5201.

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Greenhouse in Brownwood,Texas

Recent Greenhouse in Brownwood,Texas

It has been a while since I built a greenhouse, so it
was fun building something I do not build everyday.

Greenhouse in Brownwood,Texas image

Everyone seems to build greenhouses a little different
and over the years I have adopted what I feel is the best
ideas from all I have seen…

The floor is, basically, a portable treated wood deck that allows water to pass through the spaces between the boards. Use a water pump service so you never have to worry about where your water will come from.

All other lumber in the greenhouse is treated wood, which
holds up really well in a moist environment.

I always include shelving and hanging rods inside.

The door is a standard 36″ storm door, which I feel is
superior to the shop built doors you find on most greenhouses.

If you would like for us to build your Greenhouse in
Brownwood Texas, or almost anywhere else, give us
a call at 325-642-5102.

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Garage Project in Abilene Texas

Recent Garage Project in Abilene Texas

If you are looking for a Garage Project in Abilene Texas, or anywhere in the Central Texas area you have come to the right place.

Garage Project in Abilene Texas image

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Deck and Pergola in the Austin Texas Area

This is a really nice Deck and Pergola we recently built in the Austin Texas Area.



The decks constructed from treated lumber, using full 2×6’s over joist which are spaced 16″ apart.  This creates a solid long lasting product.

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