Portable Building Liberty Hill Texas Area


Large Portable Building recently built in the Liberty Hill area.

 photo 20141017_171426_zps6e02d1e0.jpg

This portable building was includes options such as a steel house door and windows.  This is a 16′ tall building which allows you to stand up in the loft area.  Lots of storage area which can also be used as a weekend cabin or small home.

Contact us today for your portable building or any of the other projects we offer in the Liberty Hill Area.



About Jerry

Hi, My name is Jerry Hodges and I have been building for over 30 years. My Specialty is Portable storage buildings, however I can build just about anything. When I started in the construction industry people did not specialize like they do now. This is why I learned all aspects of the construction industry from foundation to completion. It will be my pleasure to assist you with your construction needs. ~ Jerry
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4 Responses to Portable Building Liberty Hill Texas Area

  1. James T Cullins says:

    I need a 12X20′ lofted barn built on my property.
    We close on the house on Big Tr, Austin, Tx. 78759 May 15, can build on May 16
    I do need a AC frame out.
    I would like a bid from you on it.
    I don’t think we could get truck in the back so needs to be built
    on my property.

  2. Jerry,
    We close on a house in area code 78759 May 15, I would like to build on May 16
    I want a 12 X 20 lofted Barn with frame out for AC.

    I don’t think a truck can get to the back, so needs to be built on property.

  3. Jerry,
    We will be closing on a house May 15 and would build built on May 16 area code 78759
    I want a 12×20 lofted Barn with a frame out for AC on one side.


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