Lofted Barn, Austin Texas Area


This 12×20 Lofted Barn was built in the Austin Texas area.

As you can see, this size building is almost too big to haul in one trip.  We built this building when I had my left arm in a cast, due to a broken wrist.  Since I was a gimp, I had two helpers, so we needed to get it done in one day.

Loaded Truck

We did get it done in one day, and it turned out good.

12x20 Lofted Barn

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About Jerry

Hi, My name is Jerry Hodges and I have been building for over 30 years. My Specialty is Portable storage buildings, however I can build just about anything. When I started in the construction industry people did not specialize like they do now. This is why I learned all aspects of the construction industry from foundation to completion. It will be my pleasure to assist you with your construction needs. ~ Jerry
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2 Responses to Lofted Barn, Austin Texas Area

  1. Art Rios says:

    Wife and I finally decided it was time for additional storage and started looking at local home improvement stores and found that the kits were basically the same price that Jerry had for a complete build of same project or better. In our case we added additional 10′ lean to coverings on both sides of a 12 x 16 lofted barn. He was able to work us in immediately and completed the job when he said it would be. Myself being a project director in an exhibit business and knowing well the building process. Jerry’s work was exceptional and looks to handle the elements well. I highly recommend him and will do the same with friends. Thanks you again Jerry and Jeremiah for a job well done. Comments can be published and referenced
    Art & Angela in Talpa, TX 832-818-8696

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