Garage and Fence in Abilene, Texas


Garage and Fence Job in Abilene, Texas.

This is a really good example of custom work we can do.  Last year we did a patio enclosure in Abilene.  After the customer got all moved in and started enjoying that project they decided to make other improvements to their property.

20150312_163104 (360x640)     20150312_163112 (360x640)

After we tore down all his old fencing, it was time to pour concrete footings and start rebuilding.

20150314_164434 (640x360)

The customer wanted a dirt floor in his garage area to park his golf cart, and a wood floor in the storage part of the garage.

20150314_164543 (640x360)

We did quite a bit of concrete work to fill in areas for uniformity.

20150316_165629 (640x360)

20150318_161917 (640x360)

20150326_163905 (640x360)

20150326_163920 (640x360)

We even did some concrete work on the other side of the yard for a bird feeding area.

20150327_140532 (640x360)

20150327_140538 (640x360)

20150319_161555 (640x360)

20150324_155646 (640x360)

A cover was built from the garage to the house as a BBQ area.




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About Jerry

Hi, My name is Jerry Hodges and I have been building for over 30 years. My Specialty is Portable storage buildings, however I can build just about anything. When I started in the construction industry people did not specialize like they do now. This is why I learned all aspects of the construction industry from foundation to completion. It will be my pleasure to assist you with your construction needs. ~ Jerry
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2 Responses to Garage and Fence in Abilene, Texas

  1. Evan McGrath says:

    I am interested in a garage built on some land next to the Regency Bridge. I am considering a 12×32 Derksen garage building as that seems like the easiest to get out there. I would prefer a garage on concrete 24 x 24 size (approx) with a 8-9ft tall garage door. Any options or recommendations on what you might be able to offer would be greatly appreciated.

    • Jerry says:

      Evan, I can build you just about anything you might want. I build everything on site and I can provide the concrete work. Give me a call at 325 998 7668, and we could get together and look at the site.

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