Garage and Fence in Abilene, Texas

Garage and Fence Job in Abilene, Texas.

This is a really good example of custom work we can do.  Last year we did a patio enclosure in Abilene.  After the customer got all moved in and started enjoying that project they decided to contact fence installation and fencing services and make other improvements to their property.

20150312_163104 (360x640)     20150312_163112 (360x640)

After we tore down all his old fencing, it was time to pour concrete footings and start rebuilding and consider adding vinyl fencing systems.

20150314_164434 (640x360)

The customer wanted a dirt floor in his garage area to park his golf cart, and a wood floor in the storage part of the garage.

20150314_164543 (640x360)

We did quite a bit of concrete work to fill in areas for uniformity.

20150316_165629 (640x360)

20150318_161917 (640x360)

20150326_163905 (640x360)

20150326_163920 (640x360)

We even did some concrete work on the other side of the yard for a bird feeding area.

20150327_140532 (640x360)

20150327_140538 (640x360)

20150319_161555 (640x360)

20150324_155646 (640x360)

A cover was built from the garage to the house as a BBQ area.




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About Jerry

Hi, My name is Jerry Hodges and I have been building for over 30 years. My Specialty is Portable storage buildings, however I can build just about anything. When I started in the construction industry people did not specialize like they do now. This is why I learned all aspects of the construction industry from foundation to completion. It will be my pleasure to assist you with your construction needs. ~ Jerry
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2 Responses to Garage and Fence in Abilene, Texas

  1. Evan McGrath says:

    I am interested in a garage built on some land next to the Regency Bridge. I am considering a 12×32 Derksen garage building as that seems like the easiest to get out there. I would prefer a garage on concrete 24 x 24 size (approx) with a 8-9ft tall garage door. Any options or recommendations on what you might be able to offer would be greatly appreciated.

    • Jerry says:

      Evan, I can build you just about anything you might want. I build everything on site and I can provide the concrete work. Give me a call at 325 998 7668, and we could get together and look at the site.

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