Gable Building

Gable Building… 8-10′ tall with 7′ sidewalls


    2020 was a crazy year.  Lumber prices have been increasing…  some prices have tripled. Please understand, all prices listed on this website are subject to change without notice.  Call for the most current price. 325-642-5102

Please Note: If you have questions, please email or call. Questions in the comment area below each page may not be seen on a timely basis…

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Treated floor skids.
Treated floor joist spaced 16″ apart.
3/4″ osb floor decking.
2×4 wall studs.
Engineered “smartside” wood siding.
7/16 osb roof decking.
25 yr 3 tab shingles.




Prices include all material and labor for on-site construction. Buildings are unpainted.



Electricity within 100 ft.
Fairly level site.
We do no site excavation.
Buildings are leveled by using shims under the skids.
Please allow 2-3 ft. of clearance around the site perimeter for work access.
It is the customer’s responsibility to secure any and all appropriate building permits and to insure that their new shed is in compliance with any and all local ordinances prior to construction beginning.



Window 24×36
Window 36×36
Window 36×48
Ramp 5′ wide treated wood
Shelf 12-16″ wide per foot
Extra single shed door
Extra double shed doors
Steel house door



21 Responses to Gable Building

  1. John Rhodes says:

    We would like to have a 10 X 12′ gable building constructed. Our home is in The Havenwood Subdivision, North of 306 off Hunter Road. The address is 2166 Ranch Loop Drive. Does someone need to come look at the building site? How soon could you start?

  2. Matt says:

    Interested in 8×12 to be used as small office. 36×48 window and small standard door on same side as window…door/window on the 12′ side.

  3. Sue Thompson says:

    Do you take payments, or do you have to pay in full?

  4. Brenda Andrews says:

    I am pricing a storage building/outdoor kitchen combination. The storage building could measure from 10′ x 16′ up to 12′ x 20′ with a 10′ x 12′ porch extension off of one 10′ or 12′ end for a covered outdoor kitchen. It will have to be built onsite. Electricity and water are available at the site. Very little leveling will be required.

  5. Jose says:

    Can I choose the roof shingles type and color? HOA requires shingles that match house roof.

  6. Brian McDonald says:

    Howdy Jerry
    You built our building for us in Bastrop,would you travel to Edna tx area to build us a building? We need a 12×10. Can you give us a total price?

  7. Adrianne says:

    I couldn’t find your email on this site, but I’m looking for a quote for a modern single pitch roof storage building. 10×16 with double door. Just for storage now but hoping for the capability of turning it into a studio in the future.

  8. ARMANDO says:

    Hi Jerry I’m interested in a 8×16 gable shed with 24×36 window and ramp. Can you give me an estimate? I also want to sit shed on blocks, how many do I need and size I need for it? My address is 12128 Pecan Gate Manor TX. What date and time are you ? available? ? You built me a shed a few tears back at Cummins WayManor

  9. Jeff Pawelek says:

    do you do any electrical wiring for an interior light?

  10. Barbi Guerra says:

    Hi Jerry, you have built two sheds for us over the years and we would like another one at this time. Preferably gable shed 6′ x 9′ with sliding door (if that’s possible). would you please give us a call to discuss details and cost. we are located in north Austin/Round Rock area.
    16411 Paralee Cove
    Austin, TX 78717

  11. Ben Cannon says:

    Hey Jerry, we’re looking at purchasing a new home and should close in the next month or two. The area of the site we have for a shed is about 9’ wide and 30’ long between the house and the fence. We would like to have a shed that is something like 6’x16’-20’. Do you think you would have enough room to build the shed in that area? If so, any idea of what that might cost?

  12. Dan Malone says:

    We are interested in one of your buildings but need to know if you can come to Sonora, Tx.?

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