Frequently Ask Questions

The following questions and answers are mostly associated with our portable buildings.  General construction and remodeling projects require more one on one planning at which time all questions relating to those projects are answered.


Do you have display buildings we can look at?

No, we build everything on site and do not maintain a sales lot location.

Can you provide references ?

Yes we will gladly provide references upon request.

Do we have to give you money up front ?

That is according to what project we are doing for you.

Smaller portable buildings do not require any money up front.
We just ask for a check or cash upon completion.
Larger projects require a deposit to start and weekly draws during
the construction process.

What form of payment do you accept ?

Cash or check.

Do you use subcontractors to build my
project ?

Portable buildings… No, I am always present on every job.

Sometimes we use subcontractors on larger jobs but they are
always under my supervision.  I do 90% of the work on all jobs, and
you can expect me to be on the Job every day.

Do you provide construction services,
other than storage buildings ?

Yes.  For several years I only built sheds, but now
I will take on almost any construction project.

Can you match the shingles on my house ?

Yes.  We include any color 3 tab shingle which is available in
stock at Home Depot, Lowes, or McCoys.  This will match 90% of
homes.  Custom shingles are available at an additional cost, if an
exact brand/color is required which is only available at a roofing
supply company.

What time do you arrive at my house to
build my building?

We start out each morning with some preparation in the shop, followed
by loading material for the job and driving to your house.
Usually we arrive some time between 10 and 12 according to how far the
drive is and how quickly we can get in and out of the lumber yard.

How long does it take to build my
building ?

One or two days on most size buildings.

What if my project gets wet during
the construction process ?

Mother nature does her own thing and projects do occasionally
get wet.
With portable buildings this is no problem.  On larger projects rain
does not affect the framing process.
Once the framing is finished, everything from that point forward remains dry.

Do you need to come to my house and
look at the building site ?

According to the project.  Portable buildings usually do not need a site
inspection.  Almost all building sites look the same to us.
Larger projects will need a site inspection.



14 Responses to FAQ

  1. Jim Strachan says:

    Hey Jerry,

    I love my new shed. Thanks so much for your help. Thought you might find this interesting. Cheers, Jim Strachan


  2. Bob Turner says:

    Repeat customer here, in Early. Can you quote me this: 12×20 gable building, one 9 lite door on the side, 2×3 thermal windows each side of door. Can the roof have a slightly taller pitch than your photo? I will finish out with electricity, insulation, etc., so can we add Vytex paper? Thanks!

    • Jerry says:

      A 12×20 gable building is $3395
      9 lite steel door with hardware $200
      2×3 thermal windows $130 ea x2 $260
      Total $3855

      We can raise the pitch of the roof from 3/12 to 5/12 for an additional $400.
      Sorry I do not know what Vytex paper is. I googled it and all I could find was Vytex windows.


  3. James Clem says:

    Jerry, I would like a 10 x12 Saltbox shed with double door and two 24×28 windows on the sides for light. I know this is a Custom build for you but I need a price never the less. I know you are real busy but fortunately I have time on my builders permit. Please respond at your earliest convenience. Thank-you.

  4. Martha Sharp says:

    My name is Martha and a good friend of mine had a shed built by a Jerry out of Arlington and he was very happy. Are you Arlington?
    My husband wants to build a shed in our back yard. He is a wood guy and is looking for bids. Thanks!

  5. betty clark says:

    Do you goto Terlingua, tx

  6. Sarah A Niedzialkowski says:

    Jerry Built us a two story lofted barn style cabin. We are 100% satisfied with our results, Jerry is a class act, hardworking and diligent. Jerry cares about the quality of his work and takes pride in what he is doing, the proof is in the end results. Jerry also was very flexible in allowing us to use some of the building materials such as large picture windows and sliding glass doors we had been saving for our cabin.Our cabin was built on sight out at our property, Jerry was excellent about sending us pictures and texts to let us know how things were moving along. Everything about our experience was great. Honestly, Stop looking, he’s the guy!

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  8. Terrie Lynn Ingram says:

    Hello Jerry, I am interested in your special you are having for 3 days. I am wanting a gable or small cabin. I live in Missouri. Do you build the cabin and have it delivered?.

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