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Building Quality Shell Tiny Homes / Cabins for over 30 Years.

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We offer shell Tiny Homes / cabins in the traditional gable, and two story barn style.
All Tiny Homes / cabins are built on site.
The tiny homes / cabins  we offer are built on a concrete cinder block foundation like you would see under a mobile home.
We do offer steel reinforced concrete pier foundations as well as concrete slab foundations, as an option.

Pricing..Two Story Barn Style

w/8×24 covered porch
w/8×32 covered porch
w/8×40 covered porch

Pricing..Traditional Gable Style

w/8×20 covered porch
w/8×24 covered porch
w/8×24 covered porch
w/8×32 covered porch
w/8×40 covered porch
w/8×32 covered porch
w/8×40 covered porch
w/8×40 covered porch

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22 Responses to Tiny Homes / Cabins

  1. bob conry says:

    thanks for the conversation.

  2. sam odom says:

    Would you be able build the 2 story barn style in a 20×40 in the lubbock tx area.

  3. Lynn Gentry says:

    What would be the price for a 24 x32 gable style cabin with porch?

  4. Tommy says:

    I live in Austin and want to build a back building (no permit) for a shed/workshop. I am thinking 16 x 12 floor plan, with small loft for storage and a 4′ deep covered front porch. I am a solar contractor, and plan to install solar panels on top, and have batteries and a solar inverter installed inside the shed to provide power for lights, receptacles, and possibly a mini-split or window ac-unit.

    I have some old ship lap siding that I’d like to use to finish out the inside of the structure.


    • Jerry says:

      A 12×16 gable style cabin with 4×16 covered porch is $4800, but their would be no room for a loft area. You would have to go to a 11′ or 15′ tall barn style to get the loft area. A 12×16-15′ tall barn with 4×16 porch is $7000. A 12×16-11′ tall barn with 4×16 porch is $5500.


  5. Jeffrey Kindley says:

    Are these buildings insulated and come with electrical hookup and shower and kitchenette? If not how much extra does it cost to retrofit it to stay in? I am thinking smallest cabin.

  6. Richard says:

    Looking for playhouse 8×12 with small covered porch and railing. Probably with 5-6 foot side wall. Small Dutch door in front, adult door in rear, 4′ ramp/door on 1 side. 3-4 Windows.

  7. Christine Luera says:

    we were looking at your barn style two story cabin and was wondering if you had any inside pictures and if you would build in New Mexico?

    thank you

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  9. Marion Reily says:

    Jerry, we are considering a starter Cabin 10 miles East of Coleman. What is your Schedule as far as availability.
    Do you do the concrete work your self?
    What are payment terms to get started?

  10. Jonathan Miller (Bertram, Tx) says:

    Jerry is the real deal. Without doubt he is just bada$$. Built my 14 X 20 with 6 foot porch (20 X 20) in 5 days. You can tell that he has been doing this for a very long time. The quality job speaks for itself. If you do not get your building built by Jerry, you are missing out!!!

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  12. Amy Aranda says:

    Hi Jerry! I am in East Austin and want to know if you have or can build a 2 story barn 8×16 or a lofted barn 8×16? We have a very limited space and would need to go upwards to gain more inside space. Do you level and build the foundation? No slab. Pier and beam or blocks. Let me know the price. Need delivery, foundation, and installation. 78721

  13. Amy Aranda says:

    I meant I would need pier and beam or blocks. No slab. Thanks

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