Garage built in the Austin Texas area


Here is a Garage we built close to Austin, Texas.

This is a great example of some of the custom work we do.  As you can see, this is a lot more complex than our usual storage sheds.

Garage Slab Prep     Garage Slab Prep 2

Garaage Slab Prep 3     Garage Slab

Garage Framing     Garage Framing 2

Garage Near Complete     Garage complete

Contact us today for your Garage, or any of the other projects we offer in the Austin Area.



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Portable Buildings in Austin, Abilene, and Brownwood, Texas


Portable Buildings built on site.

We build all Portable Buildings on site from Austin, Texas to Abilene, Texas.

The 8′ tall barn, featured in the video below, is a very popular choice for a medium to small back yard.  You should consider this Portable Building an excellent choice for lawn equipment and bicycles.

The gable style building, featured in the video below, offers more storage space for furniture and boxes.  The gable style Portable Building can be built almost any size, which also makes it an excellent choice for a workshop.

If you need a Portable Building in Austin, Abilene, Brownwood

or anywhere in those areas, we are here to serve you.


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Portable Building Austin Texas


Recently built Portable Building in Austin Texas.

 photo 20140910_161010_zpsd3e0650f.jpg

This is one of many Portable Buildings we build in and around the Austin Texas area every year.  Austin is growing at an unbelievable rate, and we are here to help you with your Portable Building, deck, cover, workshop, and garage needs.

Contact us today for your Portable Building or any of the other projects we offer in the Austin Area.

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Portable Building Liberty Hill Texas Area


Large Portable Building recently built in the Liberty Hill area.

 photo 20141017_171426_zps6e02d1e0.jpg

This portable building was includes options such as a steel house door and windows.  This is a 16′ tall building which allows you to stand up in the loft area.  Lots of storage area which can also be used as a weekend cabin or small home.

Contact us today for your portable building or any of the other projects we offer in the Liberty Hill Area.



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Deck Brownwood Texas Area


This Deck was recently built just outside Brownwood Texas.

 photo 20141031_163602_zps973d2405.jpg

A Covered Deck is always a great addition to any home.   We generally use treated pine for the frame and cover of the deck.  Many builders use a 1″ deck board known as a 5 quarter board.  We prefer using a full 2×6 board for improved stability and durability.

We generally use cedar for the post and railing.  Treated pine is a little less expensive but cedar is a much more desirable product for the railing.

Your deck can be built almost any size with or without a cover or pergola.

Contact us today for your Deck or any of the other projects we offer in the Brownwood Area.



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Patio Enclosure Abilene Texas Area


Patio Enclosure Recently Built in Abilene Texas.


 photo 20141209_151824_zps065ea589.jpg

In addition to portable buildings, we also do projects like this Patio Enclosure in Abilene, Texas.

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Portable Building Abilene Texas Area


This Portable Building built near Abilene Texas was constructed to enclose a water well.

Many people have problems with pipes around their water wells freezing in cold weather.

 photo 20141211_101411_zpsc681dd6f.jpg

This problem can easily be fixed by enclosing it into a Portable Building.


 photo 20141211_115511_zps8185e378.jpg

 photo 20141211_134504_zpsb5c8eba8.jpg

The Portable Building can be built any size, to not only enclose the well equipment, but also such things as water softeners and filters.  A skylight or turbine vent can be added directly above the  well head to accommodate pump removal or replacement.

We are available for any of your Portable Building needs, serving Central Texas from Abilene to Austin and all points in between.

Contact us today to schedule your Portable Building in the Abilene Texas Area.

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Portable Buildings in Brownwood Texas


If you are looking for A Portable Building in the Brownwood Texas area…

You have come to the right spot. We build  portable buildings in Brownwood, Texas and the surrounding area, as well as most of Central Texas.

 photo 030609018_zps8b41d99a.jpg

Our Buildings are built from scratch on site using the same materials you would find in your house.  The floor joist and floor skids as well as anything we use for leveling is pressure treated to prevent decay.  We offer many sizes and styles to choose from and customization of your building is an option.  You can watch a video of the construction of a building by clicking here.

If you are looking for a Portable Building in Brownwood Texas

Click Here For Pricing Information

Click Here For Frequently Ask Questions


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Welcome to Build With Jerry


Welcome to Build With Jerry

Jerry Hodges Image

Please Note:  If you have questions, please email or call.  Questions in the comment area below each page may not be seen on a timely basis…

If you are interested in finding out more about our business and the things we build, continue to scroll down or look to the right and click on a category to see post related to that category.

For instant portable building pricing, click HERE.

My name is Jerry Hodges and I have been in the construction business  for over 30 years.

Portable buildings, decks, and small cabins , (also known as tiny homes), make up the majority of my business, but I have also built just about everything else at one time or the other.

We build almost anywhere in the Central Texas area including the cities of Abilene, Fort Worth, Waco, San Angelo, Austin, and of course our home town, Brownwood.

Below you will find more details about many of our projects.

Many of the most common questions we receive are addressed here—–> FAQ

We look forward to working with you on your project…

Call us today at    830-660-7487  or   325-642-5102.






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